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With over 8,000 of privately owned land you will never walk a public area.

We provide your bird cleaning, packaging and freezing.  We also  provide your required shooting glasses and blaze orange Lodmel Lodge cap and hunt photos.

*December Group Discounts Available as well

Hunting Package: $1,295.00 for hunters (plus 5% Tax)

  • 3 Days, 4 Nights Lodging

  •     All Meals

  •     Inclusive game room and activities

  •     3 Days of guided hunts with professionally trained dogs on   private land

  •     Bird cleaning, packaging, & freezing

  •     Kennels for your own dogs

  •     Shooting glasses

  •     Blaze orange Lodmel Lodge cap

  •     Photos of the hunt

  •     Views of the best scenery and wildlife around!!!

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