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Meet Everett:

My wife Deb and I run First Class Pheasant Hunts at Lodmel Lodge in Huron, South Dakota, in the heart of the greatest pheasant hunting in the world.

I have been an avid pheasant hunter all my life. I have had the opportunity to work on, and visit several hunting lodges of all types. I have used what I have learned and the experiences of several of my co-workers to come up with what we consider to be the ultimate pheasant hunting experience.

On a first class hunt you can expect to arrive Friday evening, get acquainted and enjoy our  hospitality. No meal is planned, but one can be arranged if desired.​​

Saturday morning enjoy brunch in the dining area.  Then you can sharpen up on our clay pigeons, walk out back to the pond and watch the deer, pheasants, rabbits, ducks and many other species of wildlife or  work with your dogs in the 10 acre recreation area.

At 10:00 a.m. - the hunt begins! Enjoy private land hunting with professionally trained dogs and guides until sundown or you get your limit (3 birds per hunter). ​

Our Family have all hunted pheasant since we were old enough to carry one. Alcohol before or  during the hunts will not be permitted. We hunt at a slow to medium pace - your preference.

After the hunt, we take care of your birds while you enjoy the evening meal, clear skies, game room and cocktails. ​

On Tuesday morning enjoy a home-cooked breakfast before you return to the “real world.”

Give First Class Pheasant Hunts a call to plan your​
hunting adventure.

My Family and I invite you to join us at Lodmel Lodge for a First Class Pheasant Hunt!

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